The project & visual documentations

Documented by Charles Gay for SUSY Europe Project in 2016

The 1st: The community project that aimed to empower the women weavers and their village members to share knowledge, working communally and to support each other to preserve their dying cultural heritage. Also, to improve livelihood and intends to continue creating employment for the community, ranges from weaving activities, planting of dye plants, distributions of products and hosting visitors at the longhouse for workshops and training.

Basically, the ideal project’s final result would be having a rural community that has sustained their heritage as a tool for improving their livelihood by continuing, enhancing and expanding their traditional knowledge that can bring income at the same time, strengthening community ties with the understanding that their traditional practices are important to be sustained and there is an urgency to be in solidarity.

The community always know that their heritage is something to be proud of and forms partially their identity but they are not often aware that this heritage can be a catalyst to the betterment of their livelihood. So, this project was a mission…….!

The 2nd: Visual documentations to engage public with the weavers and weaving proven to be the crucial tasks as to promote their weaving and publicity for their pua kumbu.

Teaser for TTPK (2015) exhibition prepared by Delas Santono
(formerly CCCDI), Universiti Malaya
Teaser for TTPK:The Sacred Journey (2016) prepared by Charles Gay
Teaser for TTPK3 at RFFF & GTF (2017) prepared by Rupert Shean